February 28, 2023

Enhanced search results on Startpage

Check out our newly enhanced search results with more images, videos and zero-click answers! You can also now refine your search to find localized results in a secure way.

Starting with privacy first, Startpage is rolling out several new enhancements and integrations to our private search engine. 

Within search results, you will now have access to private local in-map results, knowledge panels and instant answers, providing a more intuitive search experience while also protecting user privacy. The update also includes what every person searching online wants, fewer ads.

Here is what you can expect to see:

  • Zero-click searching: detailed knowledge panels, instant answers, and image/video/news grids are now displayed directly on search results, thus allowing you to find the result without leaving Startpage’s protection. This includes instant information about places, celebrities, books, movies, etc.

  • Private local search: in-map results for restaurants, shops, and businesses are now available when you securely share your location information (e.g. device location or typed-in city).

  • Next-gen search refinement: advanced dynamic search suggestions based on the query. For example, if the current topic is a musical artist, suggestions may include “Top Songs”, “Albums”, and so on.

  • And fewer ads!

New integrations

In order to continue to innovate and deliver best-in-class search results, our results now incorporate information from a host of new integrations, including Microsoft Bing, MapQuest, HERE Technologies, Tomorrow.io, and Search Expander. Startpage collaborated closely with partners to develop custom implementations that align with the platform’s unique privacy commitment. 

In working with Microsoft, Startpage is now incorporating Microsoft Bing search results and ads within some results pages, using a custom-built private search solution. Google search results will continue to broadly be used, but incorporating additional high-quality sources will have ongoing returns for our users.

“We’re making online privacy easy and accessible to anyone,” says Startpage General Manager Alexandra Kubiak. “These exciting search enhancements will better help people find the information they need quickly and without losing Startpage’s protection.”

These search advancements and features are being rolled out across our private search engine now and will soon be available on Startpage’s upcoming app.

We feel this is Startpage’s best search experience yet! And there are more privacy protecting features and tools to come this 2023! For more information on how to use the new features, here’s a support article with further details. Let us know what you think on social or privacyplease@startpage.com.

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